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Heron Point on Kerr Scott Lake, NC


Heron Point on Kerr Scott Lake, NC Lake Info

Kerr Scott Lake Reservoir Highlights:

  • 1475 Acres in Size
  • 55 Miles of Shoreline
  • Regulated by Army Corp of Engineers
  • Over 20 miles of shoreline designated as Natural Areas
  • Fully Recreational Lake (Boating, Sailing, Jet Ski’s, Water Skiing, Swimming, etc.)
  • 7 boat launches
  • Skyline Marina
  • Fishing tournaments, since the lake abounds with many species of fish
  • Constant water level, clear water clarity

Kerr Scott Lake has over 55 miles of shoreline, totaling over 1475 acres of surface area.  Kerr Scott Lake offers 7 boat launches and one marinas (Wilkes Skyline Marina).  The lake is a fully recreational lake for swimming, boating (gas or electric engines), sailing, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boats, jet skiing, water skiing, tubing, wakeboarding etc. Waterfront lots have already been assigned Boat Docks Permits by the Army Corp of Engineers.  During the summer months you can enter various fishing tournaments, since the lake abounds with many species of fish.

There are several things that have made Kerr Scott Lake extremely attractive:  the natural shoreline, water clarity, and the peacefulness of the country.  The natural shoreline of Kerr Scott Lake is one of its greatest attractions of this lake. There are 14 Parks and/or Wildlife Management Areas on the lake, making up over 800 Acres of Natural Shoreline, which makes Kerr Scott Lake very distinct from many other lakes. Water clarity is another reason why people want to be on Kerr Scott Lake. Unlike most other North Carolina lakes, Kerr Scott Lake offers clean and clear water.  But what's most important?  Location, Location, Location.  Kerr Scott Lake is located just a few miles from town, but you get the peacefulness of the country. Serenity Bay will offer your family the conveniences of the city with small town charm. Boating traffic is rated as low to moderate. Once you see Kerr Scott Lake you will see why so many people describe it's natural beauty as it's biggest attraction, and when you see it, you will feel the same…